Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Ogden, Utah Concrete Repair


Ogden Stamped ConcreteResidential and commercial property owners have concrete surfaces installed for uses such as driveways, walkways, patios, hot tub pads, sidewalks and stair that they have on the interior and exterior of their building structures. These surfaces provide ideal results for increasing the value of the property, creating amazing visual appeal and creating usable spaces. Unfortunately, due to time, abuse and harsh weather conditions these concrete surfaces can become cracked, chipped and sustain other forms of damage.
This can actually create reverse effects than what home and business owners want.


Benefits of Resurfacing Damaged Concrete Surfaces


Hiring a reputable Ogden concrete repair contractor to repair these damaged concrete surfaces can restore their amazing appearance. An experienced Ogden concrete repair specialist can even provide property owners with information concerning concrete overlays and decorative resurfacing options that can be implemented into their concrete repair services.


Popular Overlays Available for Damaged Concrete Surfaces


There are three main types of concrete overlay methods that Absolute Construction can provide property owners in the Ogden area. This includes:

* Micro toppings.

This is a method of concrete repair that is sprayed over the entire surface of the original concrete. Using a trowel or squeegee the sprayed on micro topping is smoothened out to fill in cracks, chips and other damaged areas.

* Stamp Overlay.

The stamp overlay method is accomplished by applying a thin layer of concrete over the original surface. Stamps are pressed into the wet concrete to form realistic stone finishes to compliment the atmosphere in the area. There are many different designs and colors that can be created for these designs.

* Self Leveling Concrete Overlayment.

This method of concrete repair requires the least amount of time and is the most affordable. A small amount of concrete is poured over the original surface area and is leveled out by hand. The damaged areas of the concrete are filled in, creating a cleaner looking area.


As a reputable Ogden concrete repair service provider, Absolute Construction will provide property owners with great results every time. They will find that prior to making their decision on which method to use, the contractor that they work with will provide them with all of the information necessary to make the most beneficial choice for heir your repair needs. These property owners will soon be experiencing the dramatic results that this company is known to offer all of their customers.