Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete in Ogden

Ogden Decorative Concrete PatioThe use of decorative concrete in Ogden makes something essential also something beautiful allowing aesthetics and practicality to go hand in hand. Stamped concrete creates texture and color to make concrete look like other materials. After stamping concrete can look like stone, wood, cobblestone, fossils, slate, and brick. And the finished product is longer-lasting and more durable than the natural product. Stained concrete and stamped concrete are also considerably more affordable.

Decorative Concrete in Ogden, UTAbsolute Construction is proud to offer decorative concrete options. Concrete is an environmentally sustainable construction material that doesn’t require sacrificing aesthetics. And it is ideal for patios, interior floors, walls, and driveways. Concrete floors offer the additional benefit of saving money because they do not require carpeting or tiles that may eventually need to be replaced, saving even more money.

Stamped Concrete in Ogden, UTThe process of creating decorative concrete can be done during pouring or after the concrete has is cured. Although stamping is usually done while concrete is still in a plastic state by pressing it into molds. And colored concrete is produced using dry shakes, color hardener, powders, and acid stains to the surface of the concrete.

The colored concrete isn’t achieved through dying or a pigment coloring system. It is actually caused by a chemical reaction. A combination of water, mineral salts, and muriatic acid is applied to the surface of the concrete. When the desired color is achieved the surface layer is scrubbed with ammonia or baking soda to neutralize it and bring the ph back to normal. The results with stained concrete aren’t uniform and are usually unique to each slab. Most homeowners enjoy the slightly mottled appearance of the individual slabs. In addition acid staining can be done on both new and older concrete. Older concrete can take on a new life after it has been colored.

Ogden Stained ConcreteAbsolute Construction offers decorative concrete in Ogden including a wide range of colored concrete options and surfaces. They can provide guidance on how to choose the right option to achieve the best appearance. In addition they use quality molds and stains. Every construction project contains concrete, but decorative concrete can make it not just built to last, but built to admire.